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"The Enneagram 'explained me' to myself unlike any other personality system or transformational modality. I had no idea the degree to which I was defending against the very intimacy that I was seeking."

I grew up in the ethos of a conservative Catholic family where there was a “right way” and a “wrong way” and the fear of God was instilled in me. I was unaware that in order to survive, I took on beliefs which were not resonant with the heart of who I am. I was unconscious that I was withdrawing and suppressing my natural tendencies. I started becoming a defended and tragically compromised version of my original precious self.In my first year of high school I was sexually bullied and tried to regain control through eating disorders. My passion for living was a 

Gerise Pappas

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1 hour • $125 As an Enneagram Intuitive I create a safe environment for my clients to peer into themselves with great love and compassion. In this meeting a great alchemy occurs. Let's go to the next level together

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